Anushka is a German text-based visual artist living and working in Lisbon. She studied German Literature & Art/Music, with focus on photography. She worked as journalist for various newspapers and radio and many years as assistant stage director for theatre in Berlin.

She writes poems, love letters and all kind of word organizations. She is a specialist for broken hearts, ambitious hairstyles and good drinks, and she collects everything she doesn’t need but desperately wants to have. Minimalism is not her thing; she is more a ‘more is more’ kind of person. But nevertheless, Anushka is totally able to say a lot with using only few words.

Anushka‘s recent work and ongoing project is tagging abandoned mattresses. “I find them lying on sidewalks, lean against walls, streetlights, trash bins or trees.(…) These everyday objects carry associations. Our lives have rubbed off on them. Sweat, blood, tears and other bodily fluids have become part of their fabric.(…) We make love in bed, we read in bed, eat in bed, watch TV in bed, dream in bed, talk in bed, cry and laugh in bed. We’re conceived in bed, born in bed, die in bed. Mattresses are our own little world, our private spaces. (…) When I find these abandoned stained mattresses on the street, in all their nudity, I feel touched and deeply respectful. I want to give them a voice. They have so many things to tell.”

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