Ana Sofia Esteves, visual artist born in Lisbon ( 1979 ), stunned by the inexhaustible possibilities of the creativity of the mind: she studied narrative techniques at Gulbenkian, Drawing and Sculpture at and later Architecture at Lusíada University. She worked in the fields of architecture and scenography, but never missed the opportunity to dive into other areas. She won 1st and 2nd place in the cartoon category at the BD Amadora Festival, illustrated children’s books, painted murals, carved bathtubs, but it was the transformation of “earth” into works of art that earned her greatest devotion in recent years.

Pensa + is a project born from the dispersion in different creative fields, collaborating and feeding on the knowledge of specialists, materialising in this case in the collection “Podia ser de papel” (it could be made of paper), which transforms pieces from the universe of origami and children’s imagination into delicate ceramic pieces.

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