Ian Yurisch Cancino, also known as Elianyuri (b. 1986), was born and raised in Patagonia, more specifically in a working-class village called Cerro Sombrero, on the large island of Tierra del Fuego, Chile. From a very young age, he showed his passion for creating, building and mastering different materials, as a way to give free rein to his creativity and imagination. Which led him to study Communication and Digital Art Direction in Santiago de Chile.

Enchanted and fascinated by fire, it is in artificial light that he finds his main tool.

In 2011, he leaves Porto and a job in his area of ​​training, to live in Lisbon, where he transforms lighting into his means of communication, as an artist.

He collaborated on projects with artists such as Akacorleone, Wasted Rita and Escif, starting a new facet, that of producer and artisan.

In 2020, he becomes known for his style of neon lighting and begins a new phase as an artist.

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