Vitor Hugo Matos is a freelance architect and illustrator born and trained in Porto. He has divided his professional experience as a collaborator and author between Porto, Barcelona and Lisbon, where he currently resides. Vitor has exhibited his works in the fields of Architecture, Painting and Illustration in Porto, Archilab-França, Mexico, Barcelona and Lisbon. More recently, he has been developing editorial work, authoring illustrations for children’s books, “Book of Autumn” by UPA editora, awarded with Selo Caminhos de Leitura 2022 and “Cocuruto” by Livros Horizonte, both selected by DGLAB to be present at the Book Fair of Bologna 2023.
His artistic and professional activity revolves around the cognitive-communicative function of Drawing, an instrument for translating an imaginary into material.

“At the age of four, I said that I wanted to be a drawer and a writer. I grew up fascinated by constructions, gadgets and afternoons of mischief, which even led to a few short circuits at my grandparents’ house. After stepping on lego pieces a lot, I became an architect who never lets go of illustration. Between drawings and doodles that accompany my day to day life, I have a daughter who is my great inspiration. For her this is all a joke. Maybe one day she’ll tell me that she dreams of being a writer and designer a drawer and a writer”.

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