Bárbara R. is an illustrator. Has a degree in Communication Design from ESAD Matosinhos and has done Erasmus at ESA Lorient (France).
Subsequently, she completed the professional course of Photography at IPF Porto and a few years later she obtained a masters degree in Illustration from ESAG.

Worked in some companies in Portugal, France and Canada. She was co-founder of Feia – Illustration Association and participated in several solo and group exhibitions as well as several workshops. She was part of the organizing committee of the 8th and 9th Illustration Meetings of S. João da Madeira, where she was responsible for the whole image of the event.

In 2017 self-published the book “O Sol da Sra. Azul” (The Sun of Mrs. Blue). Books and travel have always been present in her life. She grew up surrounded by green, with mountains near by and the sea to the side. Bárbara R. has lived in several places and now she has returned to Porto, the city that has always filled his heart and where is magicking projects for the future!

In October 2022, the Blooming from Rocks exhibition was born, at Apaixonarte. From the text, which the artist created, which gives the concept to this exhibition, the verbs reborn, emerge and sprout stand out. And it is in the present tense that we see them in this new phase of the artist.
For the first time, she gives shape through ceramics and tapestry, which she brings together with her now familiar illustration. An original exhibition full of color, rhythm and textures.

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