The individual exhibition UM PÉ TROPEÇA NO OUTRO (ONE FOOT TRIPS OVER THE OTHER ) by Tomás de Castro Neves, will open on November 12, from 5 pm to 8 pm. The exhibition will remain open until December 4 and the admission is free.
In this exhibition, all the rules recommended by the DGS will be respected.



“The body that blocks its own vision and trips over itself is the starting point for this reflection. This body, individual or collective, is constantly evolving. It walks at a distance, without seeing where it’s going and who it is running over.

The coexistence of the bodies is representative of this process. Of advances and retreats, of pushes and falls, of blindness and sabotage. But it is also an acceptance of the procedures. It is this recognition that is expressed in the gesture of the drawings, which seeks to put the bodies in confrontation. Collective dynamics are perpetuated by people, in an eternal relationship of causality that disturbs actions and motivates them.

The man, the nudity and the blue constitute the language that draws a body in contrast with another, which can be the same. The dichotomy between action in relation to the neighbor and the self is vast enough to be represented. These are graphic impressions that reference the collective from a primitive formalization, which is progressively more defined and contemporary.”

Tomás de Castro Neves


Born in 1995, in Lisbon, Tomás headed north to study Architecture at the University of Porto. After completing the cycle of studies, he returns to the capital already integrated in a studio where he continues to work asna architect. At the same time, he began to devote more time and investment to Art.

After years of filling notebooks with drawings centered on the human figure, in the most diverse contexts, Tomás’ line reached social networks through Instagram. Determined to bet on illustration, he starts to publish drawings with great regularity. At the end of 2020, he returns to manual mediums. Paper, canvas, charcoal, acrylic, pastel are some of the materials he used to create again.

The focus never ceases to be the mostly male body, in an approach that questions emotions and moves away from the sexual connotation. ~

Throughout his short career he has been invited to participate in publications such as Revista Egoísta, CRISTINA, DSECTION or Revista Gerador.