The individual exhibition, UMA ESPÉCIE DE RETROSPECTIVA (A SORT OF RETROSPECTIVE) by Ricardo Milne, will open on July 12, from 6 pm. to 8.30 pm. The exhibition will run until August 3 and the admission is free.

In this sort of retrospective, Ricardo Milne revisits various moments in his artistic career in the fields of ceramics and Toy Art. The artist opens the door to a parallel world inhabited by inflated and amusing creatures, where any resemblance to reality is mere coincidence.

Milne’s work transports us to the fertile dimension of childhood, the territory where it is possible for these fluidly shaped beings to exist, which seem to melt together like chewing gum. As if each piece had emerged of its own will, from a toy factory dominated by an insolent supernatural entity, giving rise to delirious creations.

Although Ricardo Milne’s work is filled with nostalgia, what stands out is the clear contemporary language strongly influenced by urban art. The subversive aesthetic and raw energy are evident above all in the finishing phase, through the use of spray paints and bold marker strokes.

The artist challenges expectations of what ceramics can be. The vibrantly colored spherical shapes that are a recurring element in his work become platforms for unlimited artistic expression. The mixture of techniques and influences not only enriches the pieces visually, but also brings a critical dimension, inviting reflection on the interaction between the everyday, the playful and the artistic.


Ricardo Milne (1972) is a ceramicist and sculptor with a passion for pop culture, born in Mozambique and living in Lisbon.
Milne studied graphic design at AR.CO. He has worked as a designer and illustrator on various graphic projects in the cultural art scene and editorial design.

When a new opportunity arose, Milne moved to Tokyo, Japan, where he became familiar with the Toy Art movement. With the intention of bringing his illustrations to life, Milne discovered the countless creative possibilities that ceramics could offer.
He currently has a studio at Fábrica Moderna in Lisbon, where he explores different processes for designing and producing ceramic objects, using traditional modeling, manufacturing and glazing/painting techniques combined with new technologies and materials, with the aim of developing his own contemporary language that mirrors urban art trends.