The individual exhibition, FORMAS DE VER by Manel Alma, will open on May 10, from 6 pm. to 8.30 pm.
The exhibition will be on view until June 1 and the admission is free.

FORMAS DE VER (WAYS OF SEEING) is an invitation to explore the multiplicity of perspectives, the transformative power of the gaze and the interconnection between artist and observer.
It starts from the deconstruction of images, created physically by loose elements, to the construction of a mental narrative through our imagination. It’s a game that the artist plays with himself, a game that the artist gives to the viewer, and a game that the viewer will continue alone.

Manel challenges our creativity by putting together individual pieces which, seemingly out of context, come together until we decipher the enigma. Some pieces are easily decodable, others require a closer look and greater mental flexibility.

Based on his knowledge of graphic design, the artist begins his entire creative process with drawing. He explores different perspectives of shapes, weights and contrasts, but his insatiable desire to transcend the limits of the two-dimensional plane leads him to embark on an exploration of three-dimensionality and experimental material processes.

Cement, a raw and urban material, becomes a fundamental element of the artist’s creative palette. Its connection with the genesis of muralism, as a form of urban art, is a natural link that nourishes his identity. The rough texture and robustness of cement contrasts with the lightness and malleability of EPS (styrofoam), creating a dynamic dialog between materials and concepts.
In this fusion of traditional and innovative methods, the artist demonstrates his testing and versatility, creating a unique and authentic visual language.


Manel Alma (1980) is a visual artist with a degree in communication design. After graduating, he moved to Barcelona where he worked in the field of graphic arts. He found a world of opportunities to explore his artistic work and let himself be absorbed by the multifaceted cultural richness of the city, where he took part in several group exhibitions.

He returned to Portugal to continue an illustrative experience in the world of motion graphics, with residency at the Alma Factory studio based in Cacilhas – Almada. His work was part of the group show CHÃO exhibit at Apaixonarte (2023), and at Casa das Artes Bissaya Barreto (2024).

His artistic production reflects different styles, which have been oriented towards the search for an original voice in the world of art. Currently, Manel Alma uses images and shapes from everyday life. What matters in his paintings is the imagination that can be drawn from them.