Cara a Cara #4 – Manel Alma

Cara a Cara (Face to Face) #4 – Manel Alma
Artwork created for the exhibition FORMAS DE VER (WAYS OF SEEING), at Apaixonarte, 2024.
Cement with papier-mâché. EPS and acrylic.
Signed by the artist.
Frame included.
Unique piece.
Dimensions – 40 x 40 cm


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Cara a Cara #4 – Manel Alma

Manel Alma (1980) is a visual artist with a degree in communication design. After graduating, he moved to Barcelona where he worked in the field of graphic arts. He found a world of opportunities to explore his artistic work and let himself be absorbed by the multifaceted cultural richness of the city, where he took part in several group exhibitions.

He returned to Portugal to continue an illustrative experience in the world of motion graphics, with residency at the Alma Factory studio based in Cacilhas – Almada.

His artistic production reflects different styles, which have been oriented towards the search for an original voice in the world of art. Currently, Manel Alma uses images and shapes from everyday life. What matters in his paintings is the imagination that can be drawn from them.

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