Percorri a Distância – Cláudia Salgueiro

Percorri a Distância (I Traveled the Distance)Cláudia Salgueiro
Piece created for Desvio (Detour) exhibition, at Apaixonarte.
Graphite and collage on paper.
Frame not included.
Unique Piece, 2019
Size – 30 x 40 cm


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Percorri a Distância (I Traveled the Distance) Cláudia Salgueiro
Cláudia Salgueiro was born in Entroncamento in 1991. She lives and works from Porto, between design and illustration.
Graduated in Communication Design and Master in Editorial Design from School of Fine-Arts at the University of Porto.
Since 2016 that she participates regularly in group exhibitions. In 2018, she won the 1st Prize at “The 11th International Illustration Meeting of S. João da Madeira”.

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