The group show CHÂO (GROUND) will open on December 8, from 4 pm. to 6 pm. The exhibition will be on view until January 13 and the admission is free.

Housing is a space where we draw the lines of our existence, the place where we carve out our identity, our dreams, and our future. In Portugal, as in many parts of the world, we are facing a crisis in the housing sector where its fundamental role in personal, economic and creative development is being compromised by a zip code.

Each person has a unique perspective on the essence of each square meter of their home: a place of refuge, rest, contemplation, socialization, reflection, or creation.
The CHÃO exhibition establishes a dialog between various artists who, through their works, illustrate the significance that the house has in their lives. This exhibition invites us to explore the concept of dwelling, as well as to question the transformations and threats that have arisen to the right to this elementary function, to the foundations and structure of our society.



CHÃO aims to solidify the right we all have to have a roof over our heads.

The artists who are part of this collective are: Caver, Cosmic Lin, Dear Anushka, Dylan Silva, Elianyuri, Manel Alma, Maria Corvacho, Patrícia Mariano, Rita Ravasco and Tomás Castro Neves.

As everyone involved believes that we can do something to improve the world we live in, 10% of sales proceeds to the CASA association. The project is responsible for helping people who are homeless, families at risk and families in need, through social solidarity actions, providing close contact, food, clothing and social reintegration services, regardless of social stratum, ethnicity, religion, or gender.