The individual exhibition GLIMMERS by Sara Atrouni, will open on June 7, from 6 pm. to 8.30 pm.
The exhibition will run until July 6 and the admission is free.

This exhibition is a celebration of Sara’s passion for color and movement, where in each painting small dopamine-boosting moments, or “glimmers”, come together to form large abstract images.

Sara’s intention is clear: she wants viewers to slow down and observe the details in her paintings, just as we should in life. By slowing down and paying attention to the little things, we can find unexpected moments of pleasure that contribute to prolonged happiness. The artist work highlights the importance of contemplating the multiplicity of reality, showing how individual perspectives shape our perception of the world.

Explosions of color that overflow from the canvases reveal meticulous details constructed with a variety of materials, such as sand, gel and spray paint, which create generously densified surfaces that reward deeper observation. These canvases are abstract paintings where Sara has made the brushes dance, causing waves full of rhythm and dynamism, bursting with palettes of colors that sublimely come together in a harmonious way.

The surprising contrast between the macro and micro perspectives present in each piece fosters an engaging dialog, revealing how each small part contributes to the complexity and depth of the whole.

Sara Atrouni (1992) is a contemporary abstract artist from Beirut, Lebanon, who currently lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. From an early age, Atrouni was fascinated by color and texture, which has been reflected in her artistic creation throughout her life. Her mixed media paintings are known for their multi-layered surfaces, filled with details of varying densities, in a bold communion of exploration of chromatic relationships.

With a background in therapy, Atrouni brings a unique perspective to her painting, exploring the subjective nature of human experience. The artist challenges and surprises observers, calling for a deeper appreciation of the nuances that make up our daily reality. Her vibrant works invite introspection about the complexity of our emotions.