Rain under Bow – Sara Atrouni

Rain under Bow – Sara Atrouni
Artwork created for the exhibition GLIMMERS, at Apaixonarte, 2024.
Acrylic, oil pastel, ink, sand, gel and pouring medium on canvas.
Signed by the artist.
Unique piece.
Dimensions – 30 x 30 cm


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Rain under Bow – Sara Atrouni
Sara Atrouni (b. 1992, Beirut, Lebanon) is a contemporary abstract artist currently residing and working in Lisbon, Portugal.
Her artistic practice is driven by a lifelong intrigue with color and texture, manifesting in captivating mixed-media abstractions. Atrouni’s vibrant canvases are distinguished by their richly layered surfaces, intricate details, and a bold exploration of chromatic relationships.

Drawing inspiration from her background in therapy, she delves into the subjective nature of human experience. Atrouni’s work invites viewers to contemplate the multifaceted nature of reality, highlighting how individual perspectives shape our understanding of the world. The artist employs a diverse range of materials, including sand, gel, and spray paint, to create works that reward close observation. The macro perspective often reveals a surprising contrast to the intricate details embedded within, fostering a captivating dialogue between the whole and its constituent parts.

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