The individual exhibition ENQUIRÍDIO (ENCHIRIDION) by Teresa Arega, will open on October 15, from 5 pm to 8 pm. The exhibition will remain open until November 6 and the admission is free.
In this exhibition, all the rules recommended by the DGS will be respected.

“The Neanderthals lived 40 thousand years ago and what’s left of them was discovered in the 19th century. Fractured and healed bones were found, so looking after one another is not a modern concern.
An enchiridion is a handbook that gathers essential information about a scientific research or artistic quest.
Each image is a page from the Enchiridion of care.”

Teresa Arega

Teresa Arega (Ilha da Madeira, 1997) is a visual artist and freelance author.
She holds a BA in Visual Arts – Painting (2015-2019) from FBAUP and is based between Porto and Funchal. She has been exhibiting her work across Portugal, collaborating with other artists (such as zé menos, Troy Sheehan and Paralaxe).
Teresa Arega plays with sincere narratives of her personal experience in several formats, like poetry, storytelling and painting.