The individual exhibition ROOM FOR BROKEN HEARTS by Dear Anushka, will open on March 8, from 6 pm. to 8.30 pm. The exhibition will run until April 6 and the admission is free.

ROOM FOR BROKEN HEARTS is a concept in which the artist Dear Anushka explores the depths of human emotions. An idea that began in 2019, at the Montras Festival, in Odemira and is now maturing at Apaixonarte, in a Gold Edition.

Always starting from an intimate space, Dear Anushka reinvents it, exposing human frailties and celebrating them with great lightness and irony. It is a refuge from a world that demands perfection and invulnerability from us every day.

Through the use of ceramics, photography, abandoned objects, video and sound installations, Dear Anushka invites all the senses to immerse themselves in an experience, where her narratives merge with our own that we have made at some stage in our lives. Who hasn’t had their heart broken?

Just as her famous mattresses appeal to everything but rest, in this exhibition we are led to question preconceptions, to consider new perspectives, but above all to confront the impact that love has on us.

ROOM FOR BROKEN HEARTS (Gold Edition) is a sanctuary for the wounded soul, a place where vulnerability is not only accepted, but celebrated.

Anushka (1981) is a German text-based visual artist living and working in Lisbon. She studied German Literature & Art/Music, with focus on photography. She worked as journalist for various newspapers and radio and many years as assistant stage director for theatre in Berlin.

Dear Anushka’s art breathes life into forgotten objects, offering a voice to their untold tales, emotions, and perspectives. Through the lens of her camera, she immortalizes these narratives and creates powerful installations with words, objects, sound, and photography.

Her ongoing project is tagging discarded mattresses, which are part of the typical street scene across the world. Dear Anushka makes these mattresses her canvas and with her words, spray painted across these mattresses, she releases them from their context, that of being trash. She transforms them to a temporary form of street art. Sometimes her art lasts a few days and sometimes only a few minutes.

“Their bulky rectangular silhouettes in various states of preservation, their often unique covers with beautiful detailed patterns, as well as the places where they are abandoned never fail to amaze me. These everyday objects carry associations. Our lives have rubbed off on them. Sweat, blood, tears and other bodily fluids have become part of their fabric. A mattress is so much more than just a bed we sleep on. We make love in bed, we read in bed, eat in bed, watch TV in bed, dream in bed, talk in bed, cry, and laugh in bed. We’re conceived in bed, born in bed, die in bed. Mattresses are an own little world, our private spaces. I want to give these mattresses a voice. They have so many things to tell.”

Photo of mattress on the street for dear Anushka exhibition poster on Apaixonarte