The individual exhibition MOÇA SEM PRANTO (GIRL WITHOUT TEARS) by Marita, will open on December 9, from 6 pm to 8.30 pm.
The exhibition will remain open until January 14 and the admission is free.

It is a portrait of Lisbon, through its femininity and the passion of the artist for this city. Strong women who carry a lot of history and who shine like the typical Lisbon sidewalks that reflect the light.

In this exhibition, blue is a fundamental color, tiles, an essential material, and wood, an essential element, representing the Tagus River, the ceramic facades of the Alfacinhas and the boats that sailed over this ocean that we have before us.

Here there is no sadness, saudade is good and fado is happy.
An independent woman who goes her own way, but never forgetting the symbolism of the carnation.

Marita is 27 years old and an illustrator. She’s a graphic designer by profession and an artist by passion. She graduated in graphic design from Esad.Cr in 2017.

The artist focuses on digital art in her artistic work, but also illustrates outside the virtual environment and explores other materials besides paper. One of the predominant themes in her work is the humanization of animals, focusing on those
that accompanied her in her childhood. Marita captures everyday episodes and illustrates them in her works using the technique of personification.
The protagonists are animals and humans, always focusing on the female character and the power she’s in her life.
The mix of digital and traditional techniques is a striking feature of her works.

ART EXHIBITION POSTER of Marita at Apaixonarte gallery