The individual exhibition, PEDRA E PAU by Tiago Hesp, will open on March 10, from 6 pm. to 8.30 pm.
The exhibition will remain open until April 8 and the admission is free.

PEDRA E PAU (STONE AND STICK) is a solo exhibition by Tiago Hesp, which questions the boundaries between the natural and the artificial, the figurative and the graphic, challenging our perception of its limits.
As is already inherent to him, Hesp holds with layers of strong colors a deep textured black, its starting point.
The artist finds his work through the creative process of collage, which allows him to gradually discover the path he wants to reach.
This narrative, which confirms Hesp’s ability to find beauty in the unexpected, extends towards three-dimensionality and the literal use of raw materials, stones and sticks.
The motto for this exhibition comes from an excerpt from the song Má Sorte (Bad Luck), by the band Corda, in which Hesp was the lead singer.

“you’ll hear that I’m not coming back
that I left what was left of being me
black is breathing, bad luck dries up
I leave it to luck, I go where I want to go”

PEDRA E PAU, the title that gives the name to this exhibition, two elements that symbolize strength and solidity, that take us to the earth, just like in music. Here represent the artist’s will to be wherever he wants, with his feet rooted on the ground.

Tiago Hesp (1981), is a Portuguese artist with a multidisciplinary artistic career that finds expression in mural art, including music, illustration, scenography, and painting.

Graduated in Scenography from the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema de Lisboa (former Conservatório de Lisboa), Tiago Hesp has explored multiple techniques and approaches to his art. Having gained a lot of visibility for his work in graffiti, which he has been developing since 1998.

Tiago Hesp paints to try to resolve himself as a human being in the world, in a permanent attempt to find the balance of having a place that is just his.
He has already participated in numerous collective and individual exhibitions, made murals from north to south of the country, and given life to kayaks, to sculptures by Ricardo Milne and at the Festival Iminente, to a half pipe.

On March 10, 2023, Hesp returns home from his first individual exhibition, 5 years later.


event cover for the Tiago Hesp art exhibition