Apaixonarte is pleased to present SHAKAWKAW, an individual exhibition by mynameisnotSEM.
The opening with the presence of the artist is scheduled for October 4, starting at 6 pm.
The exhibition will be open until October 31.
Free entry.

mynameisnotSEM‘s SHAKAWKAW solo exhibition is an imaginary universe created around a homonymous record, dating from 2003 and having repercussions for subsequent cycles. Oscillating between the minimal and psychedelic revisits cities of the future and the craving for constant evolution and innovation. Continuing today as a source of inspiration, which acts as an inner scream and feeds the eternal pursuit of perfect repetition.





Filipe Granja was born in Porto in 1989. He started to demonstrate a talent for urban art at a young age. In 2004 he painted his first graffiti, an artistic style that continues to dominate his work, although with different techniques. He holds a degree in Communication and Multimedia Design from ESAP (2009-2013). He also pursued studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (2013-2015), where he completed his Master’s Degree in Image Design and carried out a research about “Street Art as a tool for the perpetuation of the collective memory of space”.

He’s a freelance street artist since 2013 and acts under the alter-ego mynameisnotSEM. As a curator and producer of Urban Art events, he stands out by the dynamization of the exhibitions DESENLATA and FLASH. He’s also the artistic producer of BECUH Porto since 2016.
The nature of his creative process comes from a symbiosis of experiences. The electronic music festivals, the experience of altered states along with the graffiti background and the know-how in design, molds the multiple visual languages that he explores in his work. The psychedelic, the imaginary universes, the optical art and the kaleidoscope vision predominate in a work that excels by the representation of environments and soundscapes.