Apaixonarte is pleased to present PSICOTERAPIA (Psycotherapy). An individual exhibition by Tiago Galo.

The opening with the presence of the artist is scheduled for March 7, starting at 18:00, and will be open until March 30.

The opening has the support of Mercearia do Vinho.

Free entry.


If you feel anxious every time someone rings your doorbell or If you lose your head for nothing (and nothing being bolognese sauce on your immaculate white shirt). Or even If you daydream about being a minotaur minding his own business while wandering his labyrinth.
Well, let me tell you something, you are in need of some good old Psychotherapy!


Tiago Galo is a portuguese illustrator based in Lisbon. He started his work as an illustrator collaborating in small fanzines and exhibitions, before finishing his degree in architecture at Universidade Técnica de Lisboa.

In 2011 wins the prize for best comic at the Amadora BD competition. In 2014 finishes the Art Direction degree at Edit Creative School in Lisbon. After some years working as an architect he engaged in some kind of soul-searching wondering and returned to his work as an illustrator.

Currently he works as a freelance designer and illustrator. Some of his clients include The Hollywood Reporter, Flipboard, National Geographic Travel, Penguin Random House, Boston Globe, Google, BBC Focus, Casa da Música, Vogue, GQ, Time Out, Financial Times, Canadian Business Magazine and Condé Nast Traveler.


tiago galo psicoterapia