Apaixonarte has the pleasure of presenting “Ofícios de Lisboa”, an individual exhibition by Henrique Lemos Martins, from the project Faísca Gerador.

The opening with the presence of the artists is on January 4 and will be open until January 23.

This exhibition of the Faísca Gerador is made in partnership with Apaixonarte and is supported by the BIP-ZIP program of the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (Lisbon City Council).

The oppening have the support of Mercearia do Vinho.

Free entrance.


“Ofícios de Lisboa” (Crafts of Lisbon) is the photography exhibition of Henrique Lemos Martins, of the project Faísca Gerador.

History tends to immortalize always the same kind of figures. These figures are, with all merit, thinkers, politicians, sportsmen, artists, doctors or engineers.

However, what defines time as well are all those that we tend to drop into oblivion but who have dedicated their whole lives to a fundamental craft for society, contributing in a unique way to progress. They are: lamp lighters, ice cutters or even telephony operators.

With this exhibition the author proposes to praise, honor and contextualize the history of the 20th century crafts that are in the process of extinction.


Henrique Lemos Martins was a student of photography of the Faísca Gerador and this is one of the projects of students of the 2018 edition, which the Gerador made real.

What is the Faísca Gerador?
The Faísca Gerador is the spark of creativity for young people aged 16-35. It is a project of the Gerador, financed by the BIP / ZIP Program of the Lisbon City Hall, which wants to give young people the opportunity to learn arts with professional artists, so that they become the artists of the future.