The Game – Sofia Venâncio

The Game – Sofia Venâncio
“By manipulating the piece, the spheres move on top of it, resulting in a concentric dance created
by the spinning top base. A movement that transports us onto the spheres, as if it were us scrolling through that track,
bumpy and fast, a path that isn’t always certain and leads to improvisation.”

Piece created for the collective exhibition “As Coordenadas Líricas” at Apaixonarte and Casa-Memória Fernanda Botelho, 2022.
Main piece: Stoneware with red iron oxide (1245º).
Spheres: earthenware and faience (980º).
Unique Piece.
Dimensions – Ø 24 cm, height 11 cm.


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Sofia Venâncio was born in Lisbon in 1994.
Graduated in Industrial Design (2015) at Escola Superior de Artes e Design, in Caldas da Rainha. She specialised in Ceramics (2016) at – Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual, in Almada, where she later worked as an assistant. In 2018 returned to Escola Superior de Artes e Design, to work on her Masters degree in Product Design.
Sofia works with several materials, from wood to glass, but the ceramics, infinite source of creation, was always her chosen material – for its plasticity, process and ongoing challenge

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