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Rafeiro – Mariana PTKS

Rafeiro – Mariana PTKS
Great Dane Dog in ceramic, painted with syntethic spray and varnished.
Size – 29 x 50 x 74 cm


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Rafeiro – Mariana PTKS
At the request of several owners, Ugly Dogs and Apaixonarte have teamed up to raise the Rafeiros (Mongrels). Unique dogs, with a strong personality and Portuguese breed. Departing from their signature ‘solid color’, these new Rafeiros have been transformed by the artist’s brushstroke.
The author of the fifth Rafeiro of the litter is Mariana PTKS (or Mariana Patacas). Street artist based in Porto, Portugal, is fascinated by the cosmos and its infinite possibilities, experience different interpretations of the universe’s plasticity, as well as of geometry.