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Planeta Sorte – Cláudia Trongmo

Planeta Sorte – Cláudia Trongmo
Piece created for the Divine Immunity Exhibition, at Apaixonarte.
Collage with acrylic on khadi hemp paper on acid free cardboard.
Unique Piece.
Frame included.
Piece dimensions – Approx. 41,5 x 59,4 cm
Frame dimensions – 56,5 x 2,6 x 77,5 cm


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Cláudia Trongmo

“Regarding the pandemic that is plaguing us and the popular imagination of luck, I do believe that we must reflect on the catastrophic and scientifically proven changes that are taking place on our planet. By not protecting our nature, by not changing our habits and interference with other species of animals that also inhabit it, we will need all the luck of the universe to survive. “

Cláudia Trongmo
Self-taught artist lives in the Alentejo, surrounded by the still intact nature of the Serra de Serpa where she paints abstracts inspired by earth tones.


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