Não Tenho Horas – Clara Não

Não Tenho Horas (I Don’t Have Hours) – Clara Não
A unique piece created for the “Não é hoje” exhibition at Apaixonarte.
Hand-stitched cotton linen on wood.
Size – 15 x 21,5 cm


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Não Tenho Horas (I Don’t Have Hours) – Clara Não
Clara Não is an illustrator and writer who lives at Bonfim, Porto. Não stands out for her irreverent illustrations, in which she explores her personal experiences and ambidextrous writing.
With humor in her words, and tenderness (or rage) in her heart, Clara’s work focus on constructing ideas through writing, on paper, textile, windowpanes, and around town. She sells at galleries, like Ó! Galeria, Circus Network, Malapata, Senhora Presidenta and Área 55, and was featured on several platforms, like Vogue, Público and Jornal de Notícias.
Não also works as a freelance, self-publishes, and sometimes forgets to pee.

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