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Coordinates – Paulo Albuquerque

Coordinates – Paulo Albuquerque
“The place of departure and arrival after the path. Where the light of day and the dark of night merge in the presence of an animal capable of embracing the world because it knows how to fly.”

Piece created for the collective exhibition “As Coordenadas Líricas” at Apaixonarte and Casa-Memória Fernanda Botelho, 2022.
Acrylic on canvas.
Unique Piece.
Signed by the artist.
Frame included.
Piece Dimensions – 46 x 55 cm


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Paulo Albuquerque a.k.a Cesáh (1988-) is a visual artist, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon (2011).
After his degree, he lived for 7 months in Italy, and later for 2 years in Brazil where he came in contact with different social realities and multiple forms of visual expression, which contributed to his personal and artistic development. In 2015 he returned to Portugal.
His works are mostly illustrations, paintings and murals, where he presents dynamic compositions composed from different elements, colors and textures that interconnect and tell stories.
Inspired by human relationships, social habits, spaces and objects, his work is expressed through metaphors of his experiences and his daily life.
“I just try to expose my view of the world and society, some personal concerns and thoughts. My works starts from what I observe and what I absorb. From there, I try to create atmospheres and try to tell stories.”

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