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Disguise – João Freitas

Disguise – João Freitas
“Disguise is the piece with an earth tone pallet where exist a search to achieve harmony with the present colors in the artwork in a way to create a coherent dialog between colors and the shape of the painting, that result in the final shape of the frame.”

Piece created for the collective exhibition “As Coordenadas Líricas” at Apaixonarte and Casa-Memória Fernanda Botelho, 2022.
Oil on canvas.
Unique Piece.
Signed by the artist.
Dimensions – 60 x 40 cm


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João Freitas, born in 1997, in O’Porto  has a bachelor degree in Fine Arts – Painting of the Fine Arts Faculty of Porto’s University (FBAUP) . Has already oriented workshops of dry and mineral charcoal and oil painting in Escola Artística Soares dos Reis. Currently is one of the resident artists in O.Estúdio, in Bonfim, O’Porto. He uses color as a motto for his artistic work.

He does a personal investigation on the behavior of color in different media and materials and how it can communicate, not only with different supports, but also with each other. The collages appear in his artistic work to think in a new perspective of the shapes and colors after he has done some works, where the process envolves tearing apart the paper to think in a new shape and posteriorly in a new composition.

The end result is present like various resolutions of that exercise, where the main focus stays the same, in the search of harmony between the shapes and the dialogues that the colors can make between each other.

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