Guilt – Mtáfora

Guilt – Mtáfora
Artwork created for the exhibition DEPOIS DO CAOS, at Apaixonarte, 2023.
Acrylic, marker and graphite on linen canvas.
Signed by the artist.
Unique piece.
Dimensions – 54 x 65 cm.


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Guilt – Mtáfora
Duarte Próspero aka Mtáfora, was born in Lisbon (1995), and divides his time between his passion for visual arts and medicine.
From an early age he has a fascination for bold colors and geometric shapes. Using the figurative or the abstract, his goal has always been to provoke a reaction in people through his works.

With an artistic path that has passed through galleries such as the Altice Foundation, Apaixonarte and Lisbon City Hall. His works are based on a vast universe of colors, shapes and textures, which are adapted as a basis for his artistic expression through paper, canvas or street walls.

With influences from Basquiat, Miró, Keith Haring or Picasso, he has developed a childish, imperfect and carefree style, where his objective is to convey a message through the simplicity of the pieces.

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