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Cultivar Igualdade – Rita Ravasco

Cultivar Igualdade – Rita Ravasco
Mixed media, acrylic on Fine Art print, Smooth 270g. paper with intervention on frame, acrylic and varnish.
Dimensions – 52 × 72  cm.
Unique piece.


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Cultivar Igualdade – Rita Ravasco
“My work is so varied that I can not present myself only in the illustration or only in the painting … I can not define myself in a single path of the visual arts, it all arises from wills and concepts that I absorb. I consider myself a visual artist, someone who creates, who transforms … “Rita Ravasco

She was born in 1989 in Mourão, Alentejo and from a very early age had contact with the creative universe. In 2013, she finished her degree in the course of Plastic Arts – Intermediate Painting, at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar. And her has never ceased to manufacture art in the most diverse forms.

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