Rosa dos Ventos (Wind Rose)- David Sereno

Rosa dos Ventos – David Sereno
“Wind rose, is the graphic record of the paths that the writer travelled, until she found the path that led her to perfection. In the opposite direction to an imposed literary style, it is in the centre that the writer finds her style, her rules, her refuge, her coordinates.”

Piece created for the colective exhibition “As Coordenadas Líricas” at Apaixonarte and Casa-Memória Fernanda Botelho, 2022.
Digital print 270g Fine Art matte paper.
Unique Piece.
Signed by the artist
Frame included.
Piece dimensions – Approx. 42 x 59,4 cm
Frame dimensions – 50 x 70  cm


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David Sereno is a portuguese art director and graphic designer based in Lisbon. David’s illustrations are representations of life, family, travel, people and curiosities. The illustrations are minimalistic in a style. They are designed with simple lines and a wide vibrant color palette. Connecting the pieces is the human factor represented by a simple and basic character. David’s goal is to create illustrations differentiated not only by the visual but also by the message.

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