Apaixonarte has the pleasure of presenting “Primeira Luz”, an individual exhibition by Alípio Padilha.

The opening with the presence of the artists was on March 2 and was open until March 31.


“When it dawns, that first light of the day presents itself as the less shaped by the routine that it’s about to begin. Pure and innocent. A new day that will be formatted and divided. It’s the famous “blank sheet” of the day. Everything starts there and all options are still open, still not decided.
The morning light is original, always different and, not always, cold. It does not imitate. It is, to eventually stop being. At this time, at the beginning of the “day”, the landscapes show themselves in their most original way. I’ve always been drawn to these few moments.
This set of landscapes has this common denominator: they were captured at the early morning light, that first light, in places that are part of the many landscapes that accompany me day by day.”


He began to explore pirate radio, then off to the newspapers, but keeping the photograph always omnipresent. From the polaroid, which he used for the first time at the age of seven, sneaking to photograph his father, to the most sophisticated equipment used in the present day.
These are the times of greater responsibility, working in the communication of performing arts and musicians. He continues to think that he’s better at being grateful, than at being a photographer, yet … over the past 15 years, he has worked several authors, trying to convince himself that he has the capacity to empower them. Hopefully this will be a return to a more public work.
He has not yet made the journey or the image of his life. However, he pursues them.