The individual exhibition LUGAR INFINITO (Infinite Place) by Filipa Morgado, will open in two days, in order to ensure everyone’s visit, while respecting the standards recommended by DGS.
September 10, by appointment and September 11, to the general public, from 4 pm to 9 pm.

The exhibition will remain open until the 17th of October and the admission is free.

We ask all visitors that want to have a complete experience, to bring a pair of washed socks.



I dressed to write this text. Speaking of the Infinite Place is of an unacceptable depth. It reveals everything in me, like poetry, it is inland navigation, cosmography of the soul.

Structured crises, consciences and weaknesses live in the infinite place. Live the core of the strong nakedness of the truth, that’s what it talks about.

The guts keep what the mind tries to forget and running away from seeing was no solution to the disenchantment. I remember closing my eyes and seeing the world spinning. Infinity of memories that haunt and devastate me.From the top, in a coma, the infinite side, the infinite place, the infinite space, – or whatever infinite thing you may call it – reinvents the amputated bodies. That’s all we have to know.

There is a place that grows and dies constantly. Like a punch, a mute zone that offers a thousand options. All the smells of the world, all the flavors of the world. Amazing. Courageous. Dangerous.

It is an infinite place here, where all the birds that flew during my travels live. It is a place older than the steps I took, wiser than my conscience, – embraces me – and it is freer than I ever dreamed.

Filipa Morgado 2020


Architect Filipa Morgado (1988) finished her MA in Architecture at FAUTL in 2014, having the opportunity to study for a year in Buenos Aires. After completing her master’s degree, she lives and works for three years in Mexico City, where she created and led projects at various scales.

She started attending a jewelery workshop, an activity she develops in her spare time. The passion for space led her to find, in painting, a poetry that she carried and could hardly be revealed.

After a long and inspiring trip through Canada and the United States, she returns to Portugal to study Creative Ceramics in Caldas da Rainha for a year, where she acquired tools and developed new imagery, now in three dimensions.

The manipulation of clay joined the daily exercise of painting. Her drawings and sculptures are a reflection of a complex world that inhabits her. With the architecture of time and space very present, she currently dedicates himself completely to plastic arts.

Her thoughts develop between lines of various thicknesses, giving different depths to a narrative that runs almost always in black and white.