Apaixonarte had the pleasure of presenting “Jael”, an individual exhibition by Sara Feio.

The opening with the presence of the artist was on July 7 and was open until August 31.


“At her feet he sank” Jdg 5:27
Sara Feio invites us into a world ruled by the dualism of a delicate ruthlessness. This surreal universe where flora, fauna, vibrant colours and aggressive gestures coexist has JAEL’s story as a starting point.

exposição Jael de Sara feio na Apaixonarte


Sara Feio was born in Lisbon to a unique artistic family – her grandmother an Art teacher and painter, her parents Actors – she found her voice through the medium of Illustration.
The characters created by Sara stand out with the use of distinct techniques such as Stippling. Each illustration is a provocative exchange between scientific and surreal, reality and imagination, a story that breaks the surface of perception.
The illustrator’s pursuit of versatility has her constantly searching for striking new ways to combine handmade and digital image-making. In Sara’s work amplitude Pernas de Alicate emerges as a collaboration focused project where images and sound come together.
Outside the studio she’s also the mother of two blind cats with whom she shares unconditional love.