Apaixonarte is pleased to present IMPERMANÊNCIA, an individual exhibition by Valter Lopes.
The opening with the presence of the artist is scheduled September 6, starting at 6 pm.
The exhibition will be open until September 28.
Free entry.


The impermanence that we can never be firm is like a thousand paradoxical and anachronistic revolutions.
Everything must in a representation that begins, not exist, but to end.
We are formed of opposite inclinations to each other.
Impermanence exists to advance, because the ethical is heavy, does not allow us to flow.
That is why ideas are not permanent, we are in constant change.
An impermanence, wish is an act of the soul, of the will, is not done without movement; nature exists because it moves and transforms.
Trembling, fickle and various matter. Everything lives on movement.

Valter Lopes




painting of a girl chewing gum


Valter Lopes was born in Coimbra in 1980 and has a degree in Painting from the Coimbra School of Arts.
The human figure is one of the central themes of his painting.

Paints oil and acrylic. But he uses photography as a tool to capture the image of models.

Photography allows him to move away from his own reality. It gives other points of view that he applies to the painting. Some works reflect movements and breaks, which arise intentionally through the photographic accident and the natural movement of living things.

In painting, what fascinates him is the process and not the end. Moments of unexpected change, discoveries that flow quickly, and endless hours of looking at the pieces. As a dialogue between creativity and personal experiences. The object of painting results as multiple, fragmented and unfinished. Something that never fully reveals itself. Sometimes old works mingle with new ones, nullifying their time and merging different figurative layers, which lead us to abstraction.