The individual exhibition HUMILDES SERES (HUMBLE BEINGS) by Bisner, will open on November 10, from 6 pm. to 8.30 pm. The exhibition will run until December 2 and the admission is free.

From cave paintings to artificially created images, man has always looked to art to understand reality or fly over it. For Alexandre Makiolke, aka Bisner, the role of the artist is to challenge the standardized thinking of life’s shelves and point out ways in which, in the fire of the obvious, we can escape to the mountains of the absurd: the stuff that reality is made of.

His art focuses on the box of memories from his childhood, between comic strips, advertising posters and American films from the beginning of the consumer society. As if he were untangling a ball of yarn, he unravels all the knots until he obtains a continuous line, but one that is marked by the curves of life.

The exhibition HUMILDES SERES, illuminated by the poem by the Brazilian poet Cruz e Sousa, brings us a pop tropicalism, which is expressed through collages, spray and oil pastels. These beings, easily recognizable to all, are created by superimposing layers of parallel realities, patterns and strong colors, which open up space for multiple interpretations.

This exhibition is an amalgam of stories that Bisner has given new life to, revealing the power of reinvention, like a Dr. Frankenstein, of the real world.


Alexandre Makiolke, also known as Bisner, is a Portuguese-Brazilian urban artist who currently resides in Lisbon.

In 2011, he started developing large format collages as part of his urban art project. His compositions are developed through different processes, such as print, screen prints, stencil, spray, collage, use of labels and packaging, using basic shapes and lots of color.

His inspiration comes from the past. Bisner dives into his memories of a childhood lived in the 1980s and goes to the trunk box to collect material for his artistic work. Old family photos, cartoon memories, comic book characters and several other references that appear as layers in his collages.

Bisner has participated in notable projects and publications such as Plastik Comb Magazine Issue #1 (US 2020), COOLLAGE – A Closer Look Book (Netherlands 2022) and the Holliday Horizons advertising campaign for Coca Cola + Delta Airlines (US 2021). His works have also been on the covers of Brazilian magazines, such as Epoca, Globo Rural, Auto Esporte, among others.