Apaixonarte had the pleasure of presenting “Geómetra”, an individual exhibition by Ana Types Type.

The opening with the presence of the artist was on September 8 and it ran until October 30 of 2017.


Geometry appears in the urge to materialize some of the sketches lost in notebooks stored in drawers.
A hymn to the simple forms that punctuate the day to day, that make us blink the eyes in the routines, and they make us smile.
Black and white and strong colors, coupled with passion for textiles and ceramics, are the ideal motto to get out the window and move to the wall what is stuck in a paper.
From the verb go. And return. To exchange the furniture from place in the same space and to challenge the math of the form.

exposição, exhibition, ANA TYPES TYPE


Ana Areias was born in 1989 in Porto.
Licensed in communication design, she vibrates with the graphic power of colors and simple shapes and with everyday objects as much as she falls in love with complex ornaments and the peak of her nationalism is a swallow of Bordalo Pinheiro.

Ana is passionate about contrasts, lives between a beat and a piano in a blues bar, likes to drink beer in a cup of tea and cotton candy. She likes the impossible, likes the stranger and the clicks and the tiles, and the plants and animals and being a tourist in her own city. With graphics and sushi and patterns, from pants to socks and sidewalks to the wall, they extend as part of us in an illustration or dressed as banners.