Apaixonarte has the pleasure of presenting FEEDELITY, an individual exhibition by Halfstudio.

The opening with the presence of the artists will be on May 4, starting at 6:00 p.m.
The exhibition will be open until May 31.

This exhibition is supported by Mercearia do Vinho.

Free entrance.



FEEDELITY portrays the relationships we have with others and with ourselves in this new technological reality. Social media platforms have turned us into loyal customers without our awareness and have been amplifying the best and worst of the human nature.

In this exhibition, the Halfstudio pair presents an uncompromised analysis of these new ways of relating, through the simple observation of complex questions.


halfstudio apaixonarte


Halfstudio is a Lettering and Sign Painting studio established by Mariana Branco and Emanuel Barreira (1986) in 2010, where all projects are hand drawn and painted with brushes or applied digitally.

The studio covers various creative fields always with the Lettering being the central element: from graphic design, sign painting and signage, exhibitions, printed editions to urban art. Halfstudio has been showcasing work in exhibitions and festivals of urban art both in Portugal and internationally.