The individual exhibition EYES EYES BABY by Bunny, will open on September 15, from 6 pm. to 8.30 pm.
The exhibition will remain open until October 7 and the admission is free.

EYES EYES BABY invites us to a psychotropic experience that allows us to look at the world through the eyes of Bunny, the artist.

In a simultaneously chaotic and harmonious universe, the multifaceted artist creates worlds that hover on the border between kitsch and psychedelia. Her ideas flow with a well-defined consistency, balancing on a fine line between the earthly and the transcendent.

Bunny’s ability to bring life to what was dormant, to give lasting new life to the forgotten, leads her to rescue long-forgotten materials and transform them into authentic works of a hallucinogenic universe immersed in the alchemy of color and symbolism. Every surface serves as a canvas, and every technique and tool is explored to its fullest expression. The colors develop a life of their own and reach a level of saturation that envelops us in a visual fullness and plunges us into a whirlpool of sensations.

Through her works, Bunny invites us to question the limits of artistic expression, to explore the corners of our own perception, and to appreciate the beauty in the fusion of the improbable.

The event will continue on the dancefloor in neighboring Incógnito, starting at 11pm, with Les Lads, the DJ duo Ricardo Mariano and Tiago Castro.

Poster for Bunny's solo exhibition on Apaixonarte


Since an early age, Inês Coelho (Bunny) has painted the world in psychedelic tones and chords (the legend goes that she fell into the cauldron of acids at birth). Intertwined, music and art soon came together in an explosive alchemy: first big bang at 14 when, still a tormented teenager with a head full of obscure 80s movies, she began to give fantastic lives to inanimate objects with Bazaar Bizarre.

Later cosmic explosions bring the opening of The Shoppe Bizarre and, after, as part of My Name Is Muer†e, joins efforts with an ambitious group of the best underground people to revive the Imaviz shopping mall.

As an artist and as a DJ, Bunny spreads her own gospel, luminous and obscure in equal measures, in an exploration of colors, sounds and textures without borders, in a pleasure completely devoid of guilt where she can open every portal.