The individual exhibition, DAYDREAM by FalcaoLucas, will open on December 10, from 5:30 pm to 8 pm. The exhibition will remain open until January 14 and the admission is free. All the rules recommended by the DGS will be respected.

For this augmented reality exhibition it is necessary to have a charged battery on the cell phone, download the Artivive application and preferably bring earphones. Have a good trip!

Download free Artivive app for Android.
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A journey between reality and dream. The constant crossing of an invisible barrier between reality and the unconscious, in broad daylight.

This exhibition takes us to another dimension, that of dreams, through augmented reality. Keeping our feet on the ground, the exposed pieces are no longer static, but gain life and sound, until they completely absorb the spectator.

The characters designed by this artist duo, Falcão and Lucas, guide us through mesmerizing paths. Across the infinite void of a galaxy or a limitless landscape of skyscrapers in futuristic cities. We let ourselves be carried away and enter the paintings, on an endless journey, which we do not want to leave.

Tânia Falcão and Luís Avelar Lucas are two designers, illustrators, motiongraphers and musicians, who in their personal lives are also a couple. After working together in advertising they decided, in 2012, to create their own digital art project – FalcaoLucas.

Together they made a strong curriculum, with several awards, such as one of the GIF’s of the year by Tumblr Year in Review 2014 and second place in the Giphoscope Award.

Animated short films selected for Art Rise Savannah – International Gif Festival USA, Lisbon International Film Festival, Trés Court Festival, Girona Film Festival and Puppet – Animation Film Festivalbaden / Switzerland.

And clients like Paramount, Fox, Kit Kat, Republic Records, Casablanca Records, Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation and Diário de Notícias.