Apaixonarte is proud to present “Crystalized 0.0”, a solo exhibition by SAMINA.

The opening with the artist took place, on 31 October. The exhibition ran until 28 November of 2018.


Along the years, the work of SAMINA has been based on the concept of geometrical compositions. where the piece is intended to fill in its entirety the space where it is set.

Recently SAMINA has explored other ways of expressing his work. Not losing his essence, where he contraposes the inherent geometrical rules to the organic universe of painting the human portrait, in CRYSTALIZED 0.0 the artist explores a different type of composition. In this new stage, the artist experiments with crystalizing a set moment in time and space, a still picture of deep meaningful human expressions.

CRYSTALIZED 0.0 is an attempt at capturing those specific fractions of seconds in the imperceptible time and space of humanity, where the artist will show a few of his new projects depicting artwork based on this new way of looking within his own humanity, seeking those fleeting moments, allowing the viewers to take their time looking at those brief moments in time.

exposição, exhibition, street art, stencil, SAMINA


I was born in 1989 in Portugal, but now live between Portugal and Brazil. Since my youth I ´ve been in contact with different mediums of artistic expression, concentrating mostly on painting. When I was 14 I started my path in the world of street art and accompanied its progress in Portugal trying my own way, being inspired by what I witnessed on the streets.

It was during this time that I was exposed to stencil and started to explore within this medium, my projects growing bigger with my ambition. From 2007 and finishing in 2013 took a degree in Architecture and the things I learned in geometry and space proved to be very inspiring to my art.

Since then I´ve been looking for different and exciting ways to express my vision and to keep challenging the stencil techniques I employ into more intricate and exciting works of art, imposing the conflict between geometry and human natural form.

For the past few years I felt capable of producing work in a consistent form, my own vision solidified and my identity settled from my roots in Architecture, my interest in graphic Design and my years of being out in the streets of Lisbon trying new things and breaking the form with street art.

Since 2010 I´ve had the chance to collaborate with many other artists and from this many opportunities to do my work have risen in countries such as Spain, France, The Netherlands, Brazil, Turkey and India.