Apaixonarte has the pleasure of presenting “Ambiguidades”, an individual exhibition by Jacqueline de Montaigne.

The opening with the presence of the artist was on July 20.

This exhibition had the support of  Mercearia do Vinho.

Free entrance.





Is a solo show of unpublished works by the Anglo-Portuguese visual artist Jacqueline de Montaigne. An interpretation of “beauty” and “emotions” at a time when social obsession with superficial happiness and aesthetic perfection is dominant.

This exhibition is a clear example of the artists preferred touch of drama and cheekiness with the inevitable presence of her trademark birds, botanical elements and blue.

Paintings and drawings created with a confident and strong line are immersed in blue and melancholy. The subjects are portrayed in a crude, free and natural way, which creates impossibility for indifference.

With her natural impulse to confuse the viewer with her large scale androgynous portraits, we find subjects of strong character in fragile moments. Or are they fragile characters in strong moments?

To see in Ambiguities.



Jacqueline was born in 1980, in Lisbon, was raised in Saudi Arabia, Scotland and in East Asia. Despite being self-taught, he had the privilege of growing up and learning through his artist’s grandparents. Exhibiting his work in several national and international galleries, in individual and collective shows, since the age of 14. Achieving exhausting exposure only with 15 years.

Jacqueline was very influenced by the well-known Portuguese artist Paula Rego, (both as an activist and an artist), whom she first met at the age of 12. At this point, Paula Rego encouraged her to pursue her artistic career, later inviting her to do a short internship at her studio in London in her late 20’s.

Jacqueline returned to Lisbon at the age of 21 later deciding to take 6 years out at 30 to study Health Sciences, Medical Ethics and International Policy in Pediatric Nutrition after the birth of her youngest son. Jacqueline returned to her art career full time three years ago, adding a new challenge to her artistic portfolio, street-art which she uses to combine her passions of art and activism within human rights. Jacqueline’s murals can be seen in various parts of country spreading to the US and Brazil in 2019.