Valante – Tiago Hesp

Valante – Tiago Hesp
Piece created for the solo exhibition PEDRA E PAU by Tiago Hesp at Apaixonarte, 2023.
Mixmedia on canvas.
Signed by the author.
Unique piece.
Size – 89 x 116 cm


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Valante – Tiago Hesp
Tiago Hesp is Tiago Proença. Born in 1981. Made all his schooling through the arts path and graduated in Scenography course on Lisbon Theater and Film School (former Lisbon Conservatory).
In 1998 got into the world of graffiti and, through it, earned some recognition; initially, with persistent work over the tridimensionality of letters and the light as a dominant element in all environments.
In 2018 got in Lisboa Fine Arts school to explore and perfect drawing technics.

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