Recent times made us stop and reflect. To unite and act, reaching our inner bottom and find our best to face this new challenge. But what never stopped was the beating of the restless hearts of those who live from art and are alive by it.
Apaixonarte, while eternal passionate with the cause of Portuguese artists, had the desire to unite the hearts of all of us, creators and lovers, in a unison movement, so art can continue to beat very strongly and rhythmically, today and always.
An idea was born from this dream: to create an auction where we can transmit our artist’s love, offering the artworks the possibility to discover new homes.

THE LEILÃO DE OXIGÉNIO (OXYGEN AUCTION) brings together more than 30 artists with a common purpose: to make sure Portuguese art never stops breathing. Through an online platform the goal is to buy and sell unique artwork with unrepeatable opportunities, to oxygenate Portuguese art, and continue to impulse and flood the culture in our country.

The auction takes place online, here at It will start at 10am on June 17th and will end at midnight on June 21st.
It’s open to all public by a free registration. Anyone interested can access the site to see the artworks and place their bids. A week later, the pieces arrive at the homes, through the carrier and our partner, IberoMail.

All pieces presented are unique works of Painting, Illustration, Photography, Street Art and Ceramics, by artists who have collaborated with Apaixonarte and also some premieres.
The 33 artists who will be part of this initiative are: Cláudia Salgueiro, Cássio Markowski, Adamastor, Nicolae Negura, Nina Fraser, Hugo Silva, Tiago Hesp, Claudia Trongmo, Lara Roseiro, Padure, Los Pepes Studio, Ricardo Milne, mynameinsnotSEM, Mariana PTKS, Rita Ravasco, Gonçalo MAR, António Azevedo, Sérgio Veterano, Samina, Valter Lopes, Sara Feio, Halfstudio, David Lopes, Ricardo Ladeira, Confeere, Tiago Galo, Clara Não, Nuno Fonseca, Dylan Silva, Ana Types Type, Marta Duarte, voodoolx and Filipa Morgado.

Because art cannot stop breathing, it’s time to fill your lungs and bring this OXYGEN AUCTION to life!

Bid until June 21!