Apaixonarte received about 300 applications for the Open Call for artists launched in March.
We accepted Visual artists, in the categories of painting, sculpture, digital art, artistic ceramics, drawing, installation art or mixed subjects, aged 25 or over, of any nationality, who work and live in Portugal, and artists with Portuguese nationality, living and working outside Portugal.

Artists between 21 and 64 years old, from 8 nationalities, with surprising artistic quality participated. The selection was quite difficult and unfortunately many artists will have to be left out at this stage. Our physical space is limited.

Even so, we ended up inviting many more artists than was supposed, there are 23 in total.
The artists invited to be part of Apaixonarte are:

Bina Tangerina
David Sereno
Falcão Lucas
Inês Coelho
Joana R. Sá
João Freitas
Jonathas Alpoim
Liliana Velho
Mada Cassiano
Mafalda Slam
Maria Melancolia
Marta Nunes
Neide Carreira
Paulo Albuquerque
Rita Kroh
Sofia Venâncio
Studiolo Gráfico
Teresa Arega
Time Moves Slow
Tomás Castro Neves