The individual exhibition CIDADES IMAGINÁRIAS by entre_campos, will open on July 2, from 4 pm to 8 pm. The exhibition will remain open until July 31 and the admission is free.
In this exhibition, all the rules recommended by the DGS will be respected.

CIDADES IMAGINÁRIAS (Imaginary Cities) is the starting point of a constantly changing project by Daniel Campos aka entre_campos.
Cities that live in Daniel’s subconscious and that are reinterpreted and developed against a background of white leaves, through lines that are cast in charcoal and black pen, almost always in an absence of color.

In these creative exercises, the architect also cancels the play of light and shadow in his metropolises, giving depth only through the composition. Torn monochrome drawings by skyscrapers are sometimes rhythmic by color.

Real disorganization of buildings and roads, with countless doors, windows and roofs, that transport us to other realities. Urban landscapes with different scales, loaded with linear events, filled with life, but without seeing the human presence.


Born in 1986, in Lisbon, Daniel Campos aka entre_campos, used to experiencing the spaces between construction and illustration, creates bespoke works, large-scale murals, exhibitions and sometimes materializes many of his works as he works in his daily routine the activity of Architect.

It was at the Universidade Lusíada, where he graduated, that he began the practice of obsessive drawing, which is mirrored in urban representation through his drawing on paper and pen.