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The Washing Machine – Magriço

The washing machine – Magriço
Mixed media (acrylic + collages + author photography) on canvas
“washing machine. equipment composed of a mechanical system that, through cyclical and repetitive movements with the water, is used to remove impurities from a textile “body”, for reuse after washing and drying. The inadequate application / regulation of the water temperature during washing of the body contained in it, may cause irreparable damage.”
In Magriço (2021) Elucidary of Words and Related
Dimensions – 80 x 80 cm


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Born in Lisbon (‘77), he has developed his work around the “psyche”, presenting himself as an “almost” illiterate artist describing his “almost” artistic work as an adornment of “joissance”. The painting emerges with greater expression in Alentejo [Évora, ‘07] and later moves to Lezíria Ribatejana [Coruche, ‘17] where it currently develops its artistic study. The construction of the aesthetic sense of his work is based on the relations between the symbolic, the imaginary and the real. Has held several individual and collective exhibitions, being represented in private collections.

The work selection presented in apaixonarte, cross disciplines between painting, photography and collages, having the real-imaginary binomial as their matrix.

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