“Mensagem” – Fernando Pessoa em Braille

“Mensagem” – Fernando Pessoa in Braille
Written and Braille Mensagem
Language – Portuguese
Publisher – Bruno Brites
Size – 18 x 5 x 23 cm


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“Mensagem” – Fernando Pessoa in Braille
This project results from the master’s thesis in design by Bruno Brites. And celebrated the 80th anniversary of the book “Mensagem” of Fernando Pessoa, through this author’s edition of 30 copies.

“Mensagem”, released in 1934, had the aim of acting over the mind of the readers. It is possible to say that Fernando Pessoa dreamed of an idyllic society where ideas, culture and soul  here represented, a society rebuilt through poetry and knowledge in its abstract form. Accordingly, by commemorating its 80th anniversary in 2014, this project also highlights the importance of a more inclusive society.

In its essence, it aims to inspire audiences, to look at the unknown, and to discover new realities.

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