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Judith – Uma Joana

Judith – Uma Joana
A piece created for the exhibition + RESPEITO (RESPECT), at Apaixonarte. A collective composed of 10 artists, (Adamastor, Gonçalo Mar, Jorge Coelho, Margarida Fleming, Pedro Zamith, Ricardo Ladeira, Rita Ravasco, SAMINA, Tamara Alves and Uma Joana), who wanted to reflect on 2019 the number of victims of domestic violence in Portugal. Appealing to a closer look, focused on solutions, to create space for
50% of sales value goes to the UMAR Association – Union of Women Alternative and Response, which has been advocating gender equality in Portugal for over 30 years.
Graphite on Paper
Frame included
Certificate of Authenticity.
2019 Unique Piece.
Size – 42 x 59,4 cm


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Judith – Uma Joana
“Uma” (“A”, english) because I’ve always lived surrounded by other “Joanas” – and, since I still haven’t found out how to be “The”, instead of “Another”, chose to keep it that way.
I have a lot more doubts that certainty about my body of work, although, through it all, there’s a clear appeal and fascination about melancholy and longing – and, maybe because of it, every time I try to be funny, I fail miserably.

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