Controlar a Sombra – Rita Ravasco

Controlar a Sombra (Controlling the Shadow) – Rita Ravasco
Artwork created for the exhibition CONTRASTE, at Apaixonarte, 2023.
Mixed media, with acrylic, thread, and solid marker on inverted canvas.
Signed by the artist.
Certificate of authenticity
Unique piece.
Dimensions – 132 x 175 cm


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Rita Ravasco was born in Mourão, in 1989, and graduated from the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, in Plastic Arts – Advanced Painting. The visual artist is dedicated to illustration, painting, video, stopmotion, drawing, mural painting and sculpture.

She uses found objects or objects purchased at second-hand markets. Rita sees her creative process as a factory with multiple collaborators, each with their own visual expression. Her work are produced by different “I’s” as if they were workers in the same factory, although they all have unique characteristics. A camouflaged connection between her creations reveals that they all come from the same creative source.

Her career includes numerous solo and group exhibitions, as well as collaborating on illustrations for magazines and newspapers, such as Sábado magazine. Rita Ravasco has also participated in various artistic events, such as the Loures Public Art Festival, Iminente 2022 and 2023 Festival and Boom 2022 Festival, among other challenges. It is worth highlighting the mural recently curated by the magazine FOme at the Valença municipality.
The relationship between Apaixonarte and Rita is long and close, and this is her 3rd solo exhibition, in our gallery.

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