Bairro do Triângulo* (Triangle neighborhood) continues to grow. Despite having well-defined edges, the stores, which were once empty, now come to life through the investment of young entrepreneurs, who increasingly give another dimension to these narrow streets.

Rua dos Poiais de São Bento probably stands out from its neighbours, and will certainly be one of the coolest streets in Lisbon. But we are suspects, we have this street as our home for over 10 years and our heart is well parked here.

This street breathes art, fashion and music, among a diverse selection of products and services in line with the latest trends in artistic expression. It is in this historic district, on a narrow street, where the famous tram 28 passes, that there is an excellent representation of the contemporary Portuguese spirit, in every open door.

Each space reserves a unique discovery. We invite you to come and explore and get to know the angles of our neighborhood and especially our street, Poias de São Bento.

We are all here, with open arms, to welcome you. See you soon!


Here is the list of spaces you will find, and the respective door numbers, on Rua dos Poiais de São Bento.
29 – Tudo e Todos – Crafts made in Portugal
33 – Clube 33 – Record shop
37 – Incógnito – Disco
44 – Rosa Diniz Atelier – Manual production of leather accessories
50 – Pink Dolphin – Store dedicated to artists and designers
47 – Earlymade – Sustainable fashion
52 – Imago – Sustainable fashion
53 – Da Horta – Butchery of vegan products, made in Portugal
57 – Apaixonarte – Store/Gallery that promotes artists based in Portugal
58 – Kintu Studio – Shop/Atelier, of artists based in Portugal
65 – Hoiko – Jewelery made in Portugal
72 – Cecile M – Ceramics shop and workshop
73 – Água de Beber – Brazilian spirit bar
80 – D’Olival  – Portuguese grocery store
90 – Mustique – Fashion produced in Portugal
104 – NowHere Lisboa – Art gallery
112 – KOOA Hair – Hairdresser
120 B – Mini-Mall Lisboa – Fashion and accessories
Beco da Rosa  2D  – Bizzarrua – Fashion/Bar
127 – Green Weed Portugal – CBD products

*Bairro do Triângulo (Triangle neighborhood) was the name created to designate the area comprising 3 streets, which is located between Bairro Alto, Bairro de Santos and São Bento. Viewing a map these streets form a triangle. The edges of the Triangle are composed of part of Rua de São Bento, Rua Poço dos Negros and Rua Poiais de São Bento.