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Untitled 4 – Corvvs

Untitled 4 – Corvvs
Print from “These Eyes” series.
Cross-Hatching with black BIC pen.
Size – 21 x 29,7 cm


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Untitled 4 – Corvvs
Born in Lisbon, Pedro Forte aka Corvus studied Graphic Design at the Artistic School António Arroio. In addition to design, he is also interested and dedicated mostly to illustration, tattoo and writing. His style can be described as extremely graphic, erotic, melancholic and romantic, privileging the exploration of themes such as: portraits, the nude, the queer and urban world.

Whether on the paper or on the computer, the main visual reference is red as a favorite color, being a warm, strong, striking, brutal and raw color in its essence. As for the artistic name (CORVVS), it comes from the latin corvus – scientific name of the species of crows and jackdaws, the favorite animal of the artist. This is because the crow, besides being considered one of the most intelligent birds in the world, is also one of the most symbolic animals in the world, being considered the “messengers”, which is through this characteristic it relates to the style and work of the artist.

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